Early notification of an incident or claim is essential to effective claims management.

Timely intervention and investigation by our claims experts can resolve an incident before it turns into a lawsuit. There are no penalties associated with notification of an incident or claim.

As a courtesy we offer up to $25,000 worth of coverage for Nevada Medical Board or other Board investigations.

Please remember that our experienced Premier Physicians Insurance Company professionals are here to help and protect you. If you are uncertain whether you should report an incident, or if you have any matter of concern you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to call us.

Notify Premier Physicians Insurance Company immediately if you receive:

  • Any letter of intent or correspondence serving as notice of a claim or lawsuit from a patient or attorney
  • A request for your deposition in any case regarding medical malpractice (an attorney can be assigned to you to protect your interests even if you are not directly named)
  • Any notice from a hospital or other healthcare provider where you provided care for the patient that a lawsuit has been filed
  • Any request for medical records or communications from an attorney unless you know it is associated with a situation not directly involving your medical care (e.g., motor vehicle accident or Workers Compensation claim)
  • Any direct or indirect notice of dissatisfaction or displeasure by a patient or family member
  • Any notice from a patient’s healthcare insurer of patient dissatisfaction or complaint
  • Any notice of complaint from a state licensing board or other consumer complaint board

Notify Premier Physicians Insurance Company immediately if you think:

  • Any unexpected result, untoward complication, or adverse outcome has occurred that could precipitate a claim
  • Any on-premises situation or event has occurred (e.g., patient fall or equipment failure) that could lead to a claim
  • An Incident Advisory Notice is available here (Excel sheet).

Some reminders:

  • Do not make additions, deletions, or alterations of any kind to the medical record
  • Ensure the medical record is kept in a safe place
  • Copy all related correspondence and keep in a safe place (not in the patient’s chart) for future reference
  • Require signature of patient or patient’s representative before releasing a copy of the patient’s medical record or a copy of any information from the patient’s medical record
  • Do not discuss the incident with anyone other than your claims representative or your defense attorney (all communications between you and your attorney are privileged-confidential and protected)
  • Do not contact anyone associated with the incident other than your claims representative or defense attorney

In the event of a possible incident, please call Premier Physicians Insurance Company with the following:

  • Patient’s age, gender, address, employer
  • Names of any other health care providers involved
  • Names of any hospitals, clinics, or facilities involved
  • Chronology of medical events associated with the incident
  • Any additional information pertinent to understanding the nature of the incident. An Incident Advisory Notice is available here

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like more information,
please contact us.

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