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How can I avoid gaps in coverage if I currently have a claims made policy with another insurer?

Premier Physicians offers retroactive coverage that will provide coverage for your entire practice.

What will I pay in premium?

Premier Physicians was founded by physicians and for physicians to provide a superior professional liability product at competitive rates while offering a stable, long term solution for the doctors we insure. Rates vary by medical specialty and practice location.

Is coverage provided for my support personnel?

Yes, all employees, including PA's, RN's and NP's are covered under your policy.

How long after I apply will I know whether I can obtain insurance?

Given complete applications, our staff can work with you to put coverage together in less than a week. You can find a full application here.

What is binding arbitration and why is it beneficial to doctors? Does it help my patients as well as myself?

A well-run arbitration program can be expected to result in a greater than 50% reduction in indemnity payments and fees as compared with those in the jury system. It does so by eliminating most of the unnecessary proceedings, appearances and paperwork associated with jury trials and by punctuating the litigation process itself, both leading up to the trial and within the trial/arbitration proceeding itself. In this way, arbitration benefits both the physician and the patient. You can find more information on binding arbitration in our Risk Management Library. 

Is binding arbitration enforceable? Will it hold up in court?

Yes. Although the law varies somewhat from state to state, in those states in which Premier Physicians does business, agreements to arbitrate malpractice disputes are considered "valid, enforceable and irrevocable." Thus, unless the patient-plaintiff can prove that a ground exists for revocation of that agreement (e.g., fraud), the courts are usually required to enforce it. The U. S. Supreme Court, as well as many state supreme courts, have looked favorably on arbitration as a cost-efficient and reasonable alternative to the court system. In fact, the Supreme Courts of Nevada and California have stated they "overwhelmingly favor arbitration" and have instructed the lower courts to "resolve all doubts concerning the arbitrability of the subject matter of a dispute in favor of arbitration."

Is Premier Physicians a “real” insurance company?

Yes. Premier Physicians is a Risk Retention Group, domiciled in the state of Nevada.

Does Premier Physicians offer premium financing options?

Yes. Premier Physicians offers several different options to fit your needs.

If I report medical incidents, will it affect my premium?

No. Premier Physicians was formed by physicians and it encourages the early reporting of any incident so that our proactive approach to risk management and patient safety has an opportunity to head-off expensive litigation when possible.

Does Premier Physicians offer coverage for “Part Time” physicians?

Yes. Premier Physicians provides coverage for Part Time physicians at a discounted rate.

I’ve had a claim in the past. Am I ineligible for Premier Physicians?

No. Having a claim doesn't mean you're a bad doctor. Premier Physicians takes this into account when reviewing your application.

Will I have reliable access to representatives of Premier Physicians?

Premier Physicians believes there should be a close relationship between a physician and hisher liability coverage provider. You will have easy access to ALL levels of Premier Physicians Insurance Company's leadership including our Risk Manager, Board Members and of course, your enrollment and servicing representatives.

What is the maximum liability of the individual member?

There is no joint and several liability exposure for the members of Premier Physicians Insurance Company. Therefore, our members cannot be assessed additional premium. As a member, physician's liability extends only to the amount of their premium and stock ownership.